We make a duck hunting trip easy! We know the good spots and how to get there. Our guides stay with you or within range of you and even retrieve ducks at certain spots! We offer a grass boat hunt for 3 people or less or a standard hunt with blinds. We have our own blinds too - pole blinds, shore blinds, and pond blinds! Last, we use radios during the hunt to stay in contact. We want to give you enough independence, yet be available as well. Hunts begin at sunrise and usually last until 1 PM.

What you need to bring:
Gear (warm clothing, rain gear, waist boots or waders, etc.)
License (In/Out of State, Federal Stamp, Migratory Bird Stamp, HIP Number)
A plugged gun
Steel Shotgun Shells (NO Lead!)

When booking a guided hunt, please let us know your experience level! 

To view state regulations, seasons, etc., click here.

Don't forget your paperwork!

Virginia License
(In State or Out of State, Federal Stamp, Migratory Waterfowl Stamp)

HIP Number

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